Cleanse and Detoxify your Body with this 7-day Diet tips

Sometimes we need to cleanse the toxins that our body accumulates and for that we must change our diet, to feel good and healthy.

Therefore, we suggest you to take this diet to detoxify the body and lose weight, it will surprise you!

Before you decide to radically change your diet, we recommend seeing a Nutrition Specialist, as the results may vary for each person.

Also, you should know that detox diets can be done in many ways, including cleaning through juices, shakes and a heavy calorie restriction regimen, depending on what your goals are.

These diets also tend to be quite short, and last two to seven days, although they can be delayed for longer in some situations. We share a diet based on fruit smoothies and large salads, as well as occasional snacks:

• OatPore
• Apple
• Lemon water (sugar-free)
• Green tea (sugar-free)
• Fruit salad
• Chia seeds
• Avocado
• Green shake

• Sauteed vegetables
• Quinoa
• Grilled tuna
• Watercress soup
• Vegetable smoothie

• 1 plate of rice with avocado
• Rizada kale detox shake with apple
• Buckwheat paste with Pesto
• Brown rice salad
• Cauliflower soup
• Pumpkin with curry
• Avoid the following foods:


1. Proteins: In a detox diet, be sure to avoid things like pork, veal, lamb, canned or processed meats and all soy products. You can get a small amount of protein from certain vegetables, but in general, a detox diet has a very low intake of animal and plant proteins.

2. Selective fruits and vegetables: While fruits play an important role in smoothies and a detox diet, there are certain ones that should be avoided, due to their acidity and fibrous nature, such as oranges and elote (corn).

3. Sweeteners: You must remove all artificial sweeteners, including refined sugar and brunette, as well as honey and agave syrup, as well as seasonings such as tomato sauce, mustard and BBQ sauce.

4. Oils: To speed up the detoxification process, you should remove cooking oils as well as salad dressings and other spreading products from your diet, as this may prevent the removal of the intestine.

5. Dairy: And we mean yogurt, cheese, milk and ice cream. These foods require a great deal of digestive effort and also contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

6. Grains: These can be very difficult to digest and will disrupt the benefits of a detox diet, even if you consume a small amount of them.

If you’re a beginner in this diet thing, you may need to consider your nutrient intake, as it’s not about depriving your body of these; women need at least 1,200 calories a day, while men 1, 500.

Consider a stomach cleanse easier if you drink juices from smoothies, as they contain more fiber.
Also remember to drink a lot of water, because there is a chance of dehydration and remember that if your body is in this state it cannot filter the toxins properly.

In addition to food suggestions, which we mentioned above, you can include garlic, seeds and nuts (such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts and sesame; raw vegetables (rich in sulphur and antioxidant levels) such as broccoli sprouts, cabbage , asparagus and onions; as well as certain herbs and spices.

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