Weight Loss – Men Only

When it comes to weight loss men are not always the focus of diet program or advice. This is understandable commercially as women are more likely to buy into industry because of social and peer pressure. However there are more and more men looking to lose weight and get rid of their guts as pressure mounts for men to also look good.

The problem is that there are a number of differences between male and female weight loss that are left out of most program, these are as follows.

Weight Loss Psychology

The main difference between the sexes is written on the scales, men are usually heavier than women and their end goals are different. Women tend to define their weight loss by how much they weigh and have lost. With men it is not always good to be a light weight and actually for some being heavier is seen as more manly so the figure on the scale is not as important. Therefore it is much more important for men to focus on percentage of body fat, which leads us on to the next difference.

Muscle for Losing Weight

The good news is that muscle is one of the big weight loss secrets and men have an advantage over women in this respect. Your body needs calories to live even if you are sitting still, if you move then it needs more. When you are overweight you burn more calories moving around than someone who is lighter, however when you are stationary then you are no different from a similar sized person, that is because fat is inactive and does not need calories to survive. However if you were more muscled than an average person you would not only burn more calories when moving around but also when you were stationary. In fact if you just added 7 Ibs of muscle over your entire body you would burn an extra 250-350 calories a day. So why do men have an advantage? Well we add muscle easier than women and it is more acceptable for us to be more muscular so its win-win for men.

These are just two reasons for a different approach to weight loss men need to take but for more information check out the weight-loss-men.com.


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