Recommended Exercises for Men Loss

Recommended Exercises for Men. Among the goals that lead someone to play sports is to have a better appearance, but it also helps us to get healthy at advanced ages

You may not feel like a stranger in the gym because you go several times a week, but are you making the most of the time?

That’s another story. “There are more people exercising than at any other time in history, thanks to a boom in training centers and social media,” explains Fairfax Hackley, a personal trainer and ex-bodybuilder.

“Even if we are more obese, more sedentary, we have more pain and disease than anywhere else in human history”

Fulfilling a normal routine can become boring, and sometimes become useless. Here are some exercises every man should consider adding to his daily workouts


They are versatile and you can make them without equipment. “The most important thing is to do them correctly,” explains Jim White, owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Stay upright with your feet apart at a distance similar to the width of your hip and keep your shoulders relaxed. Look forward to keep your neck aligned with your spine and keep your arms straight in front of you or on your hips.

The iron

It’s a very complete exercise: it strengthens both your abs, buttocks, legs, back and chest

Slowly squat as if you were about to take a seat by keeping your heels still on the ground and your torso upright.

Your goal is to do eight to twelve repetitions. This exercise is very complete, as you stimulate the cardiovascular system, which also helps to burn more fat. Exercises for Men


They can also be called ‘lunges’. They aim to develop agility and physical strength, being able to have complete control of the body when moving.

The stomps are done without additional weight, but there are variations where dumbbells or a bar are used; not recommended for beginners.

Place your back and legs straight with your arms outstretched on the sides. You advance with one foot with your eyes facing the front, keeping the trunk always straight. The back knee then touches the ground slightly. Buttock strength is used to carry the back leg forward.

It is important not to stop at every step, but to take a continuous walk. Want a challenge? White suggests adding a weighted bicep curl exercise or walking forward when you make the move to keep things more interesting. Repeat eight to twelve times in each series.


Sweating for 20 to 40 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical might be the only type of cardio you’re familiar with, but it won’t necessarily have an impact on your metabolic rate or how quickly your body burns calories, says Nick Balestriere , coach at True Health Integrative Systems in Boca Raton, Florida.

Consider adding anaerobic exercise, such as running or jumping, when you’re done with an aerobic activity, which will elevate your exercise to a more intense level and increase your metabolism in the process. Exercises for Men

There are many types of yoga, some more physical, some more philosophical and others more restorative. Choosing one or the other will depend on many things, but especially what you’re looking for at that particular moment in your life.

Ideally, practice this half-sport sport discipline between two and four times a week, depending on the availability.

Traditionally, it was practiced fasting in the morning and there are still people who do, but in the end it is best to adapt it to the situation of each one.


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