12 Healthy Dinners to Maintain your Ideal Weight. tips

Healthy Dinners. Discover the best ideas to quickly prepare a healthy dinner to maintain your weight.

1. Stuffed avocado

Empty half an avocado, chop the pulp and mix it with other ingredients you like (e.g. tomato, chopped piquillo peppers, apple, fresh parsley, fresh coriander, spring onion, tender hustle, sweet corn, shredded carrot…).
Serve in the peel of the avocado, which is a bowl. As little as it may seem, half a good-sized avocado fills up a lot!

2. Roman lettuce rolls

With the leaves of the romaine lettuce we can make fresh rolls in a moment and take advantage of what we have in the fridge: a little cooked brown rice, avocado, peppers, onion, broccoli, kale, sprouts and sprouts, pickles (beets, olives, capers… ), shredded carrot, corn mazorquitas, etc. Healthy Dinners

To be able to roll them well, simply use the most tender parts of the lettuce (the parts closest to the stem can be cut into julienne and added as a filling) and not be passed with the filling.

3. Camper salad

Make a pack of small steamed potatoes and let them cool. Use 2 or 3 and the rest store in the fridge for other dishes.
Just cut them and mix them with shredded carrot, onion, red pepper in strips, olives and a couple of chopped tomatoes.

Garnist with olive oil and lemon or vinegar. I like to put tahini on it, which makes it even creamier.
What’s about salad can be stored for the next day in the fridge. If you add a little vegetable mayonnaise and crush it with the fork you get a very good and fresh sandwich filling. Healthy Dinners

4. Fruit salad

Use what you have and stay in season: apple, pear, melon, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, banana… Cut it all into pieces and chop it with natural, sugar-free soy yogurt, a pinch of lemon juice and, if you like, some mint leaves.

You can put a coconut cream cup with a touch of cinnamon on top.

The only trick for fruit salads is to choose very tasty and ripe fruits and leave them in the fridge before making the salad so they are fresh.

Buy them at the fruit shop or at the market better than in supermarkets.

5. Varied pates

The great thing about making vegetable pates is that they will last you several days and you can use them for more meals. Get hummus, eggplant pate, mushroompate, etc. and get a little each for dinner with a few slices of toasted wholemeal bread, a salad of tender leaves, a tabulé, etc.

Hummus also serves as a dressing; just add a little more liquid (water or sugar-free vegetable drink) to make a very tasty sauce.

Healthy Dinners
Healthy Dinners

6. Gazpacho

The kings of summer are gazpacho and salmorejo, a good choice for a light dinner.

If you usually repeat the gazpacho, before doing so cut the cucumber into slices and soak it with a splash of vinegar or lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Then drain, wash and add with the rest of the ingredients.

Don’t get too carried away with garlic either, or use roasted garlic. You can take advantage of a day when you roast vegetables to put a couple of garlic heads and keep them in the fridge for when you need them.

Accompany it with whole-grain breads and fresh vegetable sticks such as carrot, pepper, celery, etc.

7. Broths and soups

A very well-helped idea for a light dinner is broth or soups. Part of a clear broth, for example water with a couple of dried shiitake mushrooms and if you want a piece of kombu seaweed, and add a good spoonful of miso when it starts to boil, removing it from the heat. Healthy Dinners

To these broths we can add tofu in small potatoes, grilled tempeh, half a tacite of cooked quinoa, cooked brown rice or other cereal that we have already made, that are leftovers of another meal.

To accompany, if we want something fresh or raw, endives, spinach and lettuce spine varied with soft dressings (tahini, a hummus more liquid than unstable, etc).

Oriental style broths are a very good idea if we want to have a quick dinner, because they take very little time to make. Basically you just have to wait for the water to boil, so you don’t need to make them in time or that they come by for the next day. What is interesting is to always have ingredients for this type of dishes: dried mushrooms (not only shiitake), some piece of kombu seaweed, a couple of types of miso, spring onion or spring onion, etc. Healthy Dinners

8. Creams

For a light dinner, any vegetable and vegetable cream will do us good. We can also add some crispy nuts above and half a tacite of millet, spelt or other cereal that we have already cooked. If not, you can put a good handful of oatmeal in the cream while it’s hot, and sprinkle with brewer’s yeast.

Pumpkin creams look especially good with quinoa and brown rice.

9. Risottos

We can prepare a risotto with mushrooms or mushrooms and add nuts and broccoli. You don’t need to do a lot, but if you have enough you have for another day.

To our risotto we can also add flaxseeds, sesame or chia, seitán doradito grilled, spinach or some golden artichokes baked or grilled.

10. Fajitas

One or two fajitas can be a good light dinner as long as we don’t get over certain ingredients. For example, instead of using beans we can put tempeh, which generally feels lighter, various types of lettuce, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes cut into quarters, Lombard, kale, fresh spinach and a light tahini sauce.

11. Sauteing vegetables

Choose seasonal ones, wash, peel, and cut them into medium or julienned pieces to make them earlier. I like to start the sautéed base with onion, garlic and some spice to add some protein ration like a few pieces of hard tofu or a good handful of peas. Then the vegetables (carrot, leeks, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, squeaks, parsnips, beetroot, peppers…) until they are al dente and ready to serve. Healthy Dinners

12. Combined dishes

Making a combination dish is another very good option if you want to dine light. If I have enough leftover options around the fridge, I often choose to add a few to the dish.

For example a dish with a little quinoa, a little spinach salad, a little sauteed seitan, carrots with coriander and a mashed potato and sweet potato. It only takes a few tablespoons of each thing, heat it and we have a super varied dinner, colorful and full of flavors.


If we have made a dish, we can save the leftovers for dinner the next day, or directly make more thinking that so we won’t have to eat our heads thinking about what to eat


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