8 Tips to start Running- for beginners Loss

8 Tips to start running. Does it have a improve your fitness? A good running program is perfect if you’re just starting out, as you have to build to build strength and stamina.

Before tying your shoes, check out these 8 tips to start running.

1. Start with short Intervals

Are you looking forward to going out on the street and running? If you’re a beginner, there’s no planning for a full distance for a single session. “Divide it into intervals and try to make them short at first. Walk between intervals to recover a little.”

After a while you can increase the duration of the running sessions and you will be able to reduce the walks: start alternating 2 minutes of jogging and 2 minutes of walking. Go increase the duration of running intervals by one minute until you can run without having to stop for a walk.

2. Do not start too fast.

The body has to get used to the new stress and dignities of running. Many beginners start running very fast and pay for it within minutes. Frustration, pain and even injuries are some of the consequences.

So you should run your first races at a pace, for example one to have a conversation with. “Even if you think you’re falling short, you should keep the same pace the whole distance. Only if you give the body time to get used to the new configurations that are in place in the long run.”

3. The body needs to recover.

Your first race went well, you want to go back to the streets again. That’s great! But first you should wait: the body needs to rest to recover from its first running session. “It has to be adapted to the new demands on the cardiovascular system and the symptoms and bones for the next race”.

Schedule your workout with a break between training days. This simple training is good for beginners as it has an effect and prevents injuries.

4. Run quietly and with short steps.

Running is a sport technically. Many beginners do not have a proper technique and this makes the jog harder and expests more energy.

The body develops the coordination for the application of movements to be made at each kilometer. “Try running in a relaxed and effortless way too. Short, simple steps are more effective than long steps.”


Tips to start Running
Tips to start Running

5. Choose the right surface

Many beginners wonder what surface they should run on. “That depends on each workout”. Most of the time it is good to choose a mixture of surfaces:

  • Running on the road is ideal for going fast: hay little danger of twists. However, it is hard for the joints since the pavement does not hit the steps.” So running on this surface is only recommended for light and fit runners.
  • A park or forest is smooth and provides excellent defamine. However, the risk of injury increases from roots, stones and snow.
  • A sandy surface traines the bears and makes you lift the cakes more. But ten be careful because you can overload the ocosms.
  • The tartan (the synthetic surface of the athletic scantracks) is fluffy and… Its balcony point: working the Achilles tendon a long time ago.
  • The treadmill allows you to train all year round with a good deprayer.

6. That the floor is not a right

Flato is very common among runners, both beginners and experts. The advice is to eat solid foods a few hours before training and drink ingestry only small amounts. When you get the flat, take a deep breath and walk.

7. Take care of your body.

Running is a good exercise for the whole body. Through it, arm swinging an influence on each hip movement downwards, including step cadence.

To run upright, you need a strong, healthy and stable core. The rest of the goods don’t count on being in good shape so you can run without much stress on the cakes. In addition, a fit body deserves to prevent injury or over-injury.

8. Do cross training training.

Your heart loves variety and doing different types of sports helps reduce stress on your spine and joints. Besides, you never get bored. And this makes your love of running never go out. Tips to start Running


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