10 Tips for Dietless Weight Loss Weight

Tips for Dietless Weight Loss. If you are tired of dieting and always hungry; If you don’t want to give up chocolate or saturate your body with protein, follow these tips and you’ll see how the scale smiles at you.

Here are some Tips for Dietless Weight Loss

1. Eat more

Yes, you read that right. What your metabolism needs to stay active is that you provide food consistently, the more you deprive your body of food, the more it will retain what little you give it.

Make five meals a day that start with a good breakfast, then have two healthy hors d’oeuvres, a smart meal (depending on the physical activity you’re going to make afterwards) and a light dinner.

Each digestion expends energy, so if you control rations, your body will start burning more calories.

Don’t skip meals, all you’ll get is to build up hunger, slow down your metabolism and increase the rebound effect.

2. Breakfast

Nutritionists stress the importance of the first meal of the day, as it tears up your metabolism, gives you energy and helps you regulate your appetite to food.

Your breakfast should contain healthy carbohydrates (bread, cereal or whole-grain biscuits, with no added sugars or fats); natural juice or fresh fruit; skimmed or vegetable dairy, coffee or green tea; healthy proteins (Iberian ham, turkey, egg); some healthy fat (virgin olive oil) and something sweet if you want a lot (it’s the best time to take it, you have all day to burn it), like jam without added sugar.

3. Chop between hours

In addition to helping you keep your metabolism active and energy-consuming, it’s the only way to control hunger and not arrive with a great appetite for food or dinner.

Eat natural, unroasted nuts, such as nuts, cashew, almonds or sunflower pipes; a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of red fruits; skimmed yogurt; an inflated rice pancake; a can of natural tuna; a couple of oatmeal cookies or a couple of ounces of dark chocolate if you have a candy fit.

4. Do not suppress carbohydrates

Legumes, cereals, bread or whole-grain pasta are not to blame for your extra kilos. Your enemies are industrial sweets, bread mold, savory snacks, sugary cereals and refined foods.

These types of rapid lytedigestion carbohydrates are those that outof your glycemic index or blood insulin level.

Always have hydrates at breakfast and eat them at noon (a plate of pasta, rice or legumes) if in the afternoon you are going to exercise.

Take legumes at least three times a week (their fiber is fantastic for your intestines and take away your hunger for hours) and the rest of the carbohydrates that are whole, as they are slowly poured into the bloodstream, do not produce insulin spikes and do not cumult in the form of fat like refined ones.

Don’t eat carbohydrates at night.

Tips for Dietless Weight Loss
Tips for Dietless Weight Loss


5 Discover undercover sugar

Avoid refined sugar, which may be present in bread mold, packaged vegetables, tetrabrick soups or purees, and precooked foods. All these products cause insulin spikes, so you are always hungry and low on energy.

6 You want sweet!

If you have a great craving for something sweet, eat an ounce of dark chocolate, a pancake of inflated rice, a homemade sweet, a couple of wholegrain cookies or a piece of fruit.

But if you’re able, wait a few minutes and instead of eating sweet, have something salty and more nutritious, for example, a small tuna or Iberian ham sandwich, a French omelette or a nutty potato. They’ll make you hungry, they’ll give you fewer calories and more nutrients.

7- When and how?

The important thing is to know when to eat the right foods. For example, carbohydrates are recommended in the morning or midday if you are going to make a physical effort afterwards, but not at night, when they would accumulate during sleep.

For dinner, eat protein as they are lighter, especially if you’ve exercised, as they are the food of the muscles. You’d better eat fresh food, or steam, bake or grilled cooking.

8. Be your own chef

It’s best to cook your own food at home and take it to the office, so you’ll have full control of the food you’re eating. Cooking can also be a relaxing activity and you can control quantities, ingredients and preparation.

If on some occasion you are unable to cook and you have to eat in a restaurant, choose dishes whose ingredients are seen, for example, fish or grilled meats, and do not eat sauces, bread and dessert.

9 Watch your muscles

They’re the best allies in your metabolism. Having your muscle mass in shape helps you burn more calories at rest, as the muscle consumes a lot of energy.

It is also the best guarantee not to suffer rebound, Make Cardio more toning. This is the best combination for weight loss, you can combine spinning and body pump, yoga or weight classes.

Also, maintaining a good muscle tone is what will keep your body warm and look athletic.

10. Move more

You know that exercise is a great ally for maintaining weight and not having to diet. But add more activity to your day to day, leave the car and walk or subway to work, climb the stairs instead of using the elevator; take a walk after eating, take dancing lessons, play with your little ones in the park, make love, etc.

Here were some Tips for Dietless Weight Loss

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