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In addition to the exercise routine, to obtain results it will be essential to take care of our food and ingest 2 liters of water daily, buttock exercises at home.

If you want to have the perfect buttocks, there are very good routines outside or inside the gym that can help. In the next article you will learn the most effective exercises to firm the buttocks and get good results in a matter of weeks.

The sagging of the buttocks is an aesthetic problem that requires, in the first instance, effort, and secondly, constancy to be able to correct it. With regular exercises you can get the figure you want, buttock exercises at home,

It is necessary to take into account, before starting the routine for the buttocks, that at all times the back must be straight, so that you will take care of it and avoid problems. What has to work is the thigh area and not the waist.

If you feel jerks or pain in your lower back or hips, then it means you’re doing the exercise wrong. Resettle the posture and start over. As hard as you want to have your buttocks firm, you don’t have to neglect your back or cause injury.

Exercises can be done both in the gym and in your living room; The important thing is that you be strict with the routine, that you repeat it at least three times a week and eat healthier. It won’t do you any good to try so hard if you then eat any food. And don’t forget to drink at least two litres of water a day, do or don’t exercise.

The best buttock-affirming exercises, buttock exercises at home,

7 buttock exercises at home
7 buttock exercises at home

1. Squats

Without a doubt, they are the best known exercises for the buttocks, thighs and legs. This is the essential exercise in any routine. You can do this with different variants, using a weight bar, with dumbbells or simply the weight of your body to generate resistance.

  • Standing, spread your legs until you get the width of your shoulders. If you wear dumbbells, they may be on the sides of the body (one in each hand) or with arms stretched out on your sides (at shoulder height). If you use a weight bar, put it behind your head and hold it with your shoulders.
  • Bend your knees so that your body descends. Try to keep the thighs parallel to the ground and that the imaginary knee line does not exceed the tip of the feet.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds, then resume the initial posture. The movement should be slow and paused.

2. Half squat or stinging

It is one of the simplest variants of the previous exercise. The position is the same and you can also use your body, weight bar or dumbbells as resistance.

  • Feet at a shoulder width. Instead of going down to the ground, what you need to do is take a step forward with one foot, as exaggerated as you can without losing your balance.
  • Keep your shoulders above your hips. The leg left behind must also be flexed from the knee, so that it rubs on the ground.
  • The front knee should not exceed the toe line. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Swap and fulfill the same number of positions with each.

3. Hip extension

For this exercise you must be lying on a gym bench (or you can do it in your bed), and your hips should be at the end, with your feet dangling down.

  • Lift both legs at the same time, making strength with the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. They must be at the height of the hips.
  • Hold this position and alternate as if you were kicking for swimming, but in the air. When one leg is closer to the chest, the other is at hip height; come together in the middle of the movement.

4. Elevations

Stand in front of a bench or chair that is sturdy and tall so you can tilt a knee at a 90-degree angle and stand on it.

• Locate your right foot on the bench and raise your body using the strength of your thigh and buttock muscles.
• Stretch as much as you can, the idea is that the leg is completely stretched. The left leg should not touch the bench, but it can tiptoe.
• Hold the posture for a few seconds and descend slowly. Repeat five times with that leg before changing

5. Buttock pressure

Place your knees, elbows and forearms on the floor. Knees at hip height. Elbows in a straight line with shoulders.

  • You should squeeze your stomach and align your back well. Now raise your left leg until your knee is at hip height, bent.
  • Squeeze the buttocks for three seconds and descend to the initial posture. Do fifteen repetitions before moving on to the other leg.

6. Kicks

Start the exercise in the same position as the previous one, supporting elbows, knees and forearms on the ground. Squeeze your stomach.

  • Raise your right leg at hip height, flexing your knee. Kicks can be done either up (as if the sole of the foot touches the roof), or backwards, stretching the leg so that it is straight.
  • In either case you should keep it for a few seconds. Do eight repetitions and change legs. To make your exercise more resilient, you can wear ankle weights.

7. Pelvic lift

Lie on your back on a mat and rest your toes on the ground, flexing your knees. Arms to the sides of the body.

  • Raise your pelvis to the ceiling, exerting pressure with your buttocks or thighs. The back should be diagonaltod to the ground.
  • Hold the posture for a few seconds and return to the initial posture, without touching the mat with the buttocks.
  • Do ten repetitions, rest and start again. A variant of this exercise is to place a round weight on your abdomen.
    Try all of them and you’ll start seeing the results right away. (buttock exercises at home,)


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