Effective Weight Loss to Permanently Lose Weight

It is difficult to find a system for weight loss that is guaranteed to give you permanent results. Most of the slimming programs that are available, which includes diets, dieting pills, slimming tablets, diet supplements etc, all have some fine print attached to them, such as if you starve yourself to death, then you will succeed. On top of it all, there are just so many scam products out there, which have increased at a tremendous rate with the advent of online buying, that it is difficult to distinguish which products are scams and which products are effective.

The dieting industry is a 49 billion dollar industry and everyone is trying to get their share of the big pie. Your dollars have been hard earned and so before you jump in and buy the first new diet or slimming system that comes along out of sheer desperation to shed those extra pounds that are haunting you, you need to ensure and satisfy yourself that this particular weight loss product will be effective for you in your efforts to reach your goals. Research is a key element in deciding which weight loss program to embark on, but as the slimming world is full of salesmen that get a cut every time you buy the product that they promote, most of the information available online about particular diet products has been produced by the salespeople themselves.

In choosing a slimming program, you have to use a combination of research, investigation and intuition. Use your gut feel, combined with an enquiring mind, knowing that everyone is wanting to sell their weight loss product to you. Look and ask yourself the big question, “How will this product help me? Will it show me something that I did not know? Will it be more than just another starvation diet? Will I be able to persevere through this program and get the results I wish to achieve? Will the results be permanent or am I doomed to be on a roller coaster? Is the guarantee on this product  trustworthy? Remember that a lot of these programs carry a 30 day money back guarantee, which is hardly sufficient for you to actually test the results of the program. Furthermore most of the vendors of the diets and programs, rely on the fact that it is a hassle to get a refund and so most people will not bother to return the product.

Weight loss with permanent results is something that is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. How can someone guarantee permanent results in a roller coaster industry such as the slimming industry where tradition dictates that you diet, lose weight, stop dieting, gain weight and so you have to diet again. For a guarantee to be given on permanent weight loss, there has to be a little more to a system than just the ordinary diet. When a system comes out and it not only guarantees permanent weight loss, but is also prepared to back it by a lifetime guarantee, then you know that there just may be something behind the system that is going to help you.

We are all created as being mind, body and soul. If we are 3 parts, why do traditional slimming products concentrate only on the body. Weight problems go far deeper than just the body, and when we only look at and treat the body to lose weight, we are only looking at 33% of the problem. No wonder we always gain weight again. Statistics show that  95% of weight lost through dieting, will be regained. Most people use diets to control their weight, but if 95% of your efforts and deprivations whilst on diet are going to be futile, is it worth it.

A beautiful lawn of grass has weeds growing in it, so the owner decides to control the weeds. He pulls out the lawnmower and cuts the lawn. All the weeds are cut off and the lawn looks beautiful! A week later, to his dismay, the weeds have all grown back above the grass, and they seem to be even stronger this time. The weeds will always be there while he simply cuts the grass and your weight problem will always be there while you are simply cutting the grass through dieting. In order to get rid of the weeds, you have to remove the root. In order to permanently control your weight, you have to remove the root cause which is mostly in the mind and the soul, not the body.

Gods way to weight loss, is a program which is not only for the christian. This program promotes Gods laws which work for all. The program is achieving incredible and permanent results, without much effort on the part of those who use the program. People who have undergone the program, describe the effects as being that they are suddenly losing weight without actively trying to lose weight.

John Foster is the webmaster of http://www.threepointweightloss.com and http://www.his-love.us which are Christian based programs to assist you into a fuller and better life.